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Name: Dr. Elias Wirtham
Identity: Secret
Height: 6'5" Weight: 300lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Background: Wirtham's brother, Josh, died of a disease with a cure that was unavailable at the time because "the market wasn't right." Wanting to stop criminals who work within the law, Dr. Wirtham underwent surgical procedures that endowed him with awesome and unique power(see powers,etc. below). He is a vigilante, physician, and the owner/administrator of a biological research firm. Not a traditional villain, Cardiac's good intentions are marred by his willingness to kill when he deems it necessary (which is pretty much when he finds the technically legal criminals he hunts down).

Powers, Abilities, and Weapons:
Heart was surgically replaced (by choice) with a beta particle reactor which allows Cardiac to channel beta particles through the neural web of his vibranium-mesh skin (which is covered by artificial skin) into his muscules and external objects. This provides Dr. Wirtham with enhanced/superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and durability. It also allows him to emit beta blasts from his hands or from his staff. Cardiac also has a compact beta-propelled hang-glider that he uses when escape is needed.

Spider-Man Related Appearances:
Amazing Spider-Man #342 and #343(as Wirtham), #344(1st appearance as Cardiac), #345, #359-360, #376-377, #388
Web of Spider-Man #107-108
Spider-Man Unlimited #1, #7, #14

Coming Soon: Cardiac in Spider-Man 2 on the PS(if this site accomplishes its goal!)

Spider-Man's viewpoint: Spider-Man has often had mixed feelings about fighting Cardiac due to his good goal and his extreme methods, but he has reached a conclusion about him: "Cardiac really thinks he's a good guy--but you are what you do, and intentions don't mean squat. I hope he learns that soon...before he's lost on the wrong side of the line forever." -ASM #377

Cardiac's view of himself: Cardiac says he was inspired by Spider-Man(and has told him so). However, Dr. Wirtham's disregard for the law and his methods(destruction of private property and killing when he judges it to be necessary) definitely cause conflicts with the webslinger and police.