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Cardiac's origin in his own words:
(Talking to Spider-Man) "Perhaps I can make you understand! Listen while I tell a tale of two brothers, who shared a love as deep as the soul. The younger one idolized his sibling--and was shattered when that older boy fell into a coma, victim of a rare disease. A rare, incurable disease. As a result, the boy vowed to become a healer, the best ever. He would save lives, to honor the one who would never live again. And so the boy became a man; the world of science and scalpels his life. He was good, for his motivation was strong. During this period, he learned that a chemical company had produced a new miracle drug. One that would have cured his brother's disease! He altered focus. And put his labor, knowledge and business acumen into building a power structure, with which to help not only individuals , but humankind as a whole. As part of it, he acquired the chemical company. But in studying old records, he found their miracle drug had been developed years earlier, in time to save his brother...but had been kept off the market until the 'economic climate' was more favorable. In other words--his brother had DIED for GREED! And so the boy who had become a man--became more than a man. He became Cardiac!" ASM #360

  Still a villain: Cardiac has a noble goal, but his willingness to fight Spider-Man, kill, and frequently break the law still make him a formidable villain. He has learned the lesson of power and responsibility, but instead of using the knowledge Spider-Man's way, he has chosen to become a tool of his own justice.

Cardiac/Dr. Wirtham
  Weapons and Powers:
GLIDER: Usually called a Stingray glider(also has been referred to as a Hoverhawk glider). This beta-powered device has often been used for a quick escape from police or Spider-Man. A button on Cardiac's staff calls the glider to him, and he holds the staff up for the device to hook up and carry him away.

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Cardiac can channel beta energy through his vibranium mesh skin to blast enemies. Usually he channels the energy through his pulse staff, but he can also fire it from his hands. Note: The beta blasts are blue, but in some later appearances they've been colored orange by mistake.

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