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Welcome to the Cardiac Campaign:
The goals are the promotion of Cardiac for an appearance in the next Spider-Man game on the Playstation 2 and for a return as a headliner villain in the Spider-Man books!
Who should fans contact:
To tell Marvel you want more Cardiac instead of blatant overuse of some characters and ridiculous new villains contact Amazing Spider-Man at: and mark e-mail "okay to print"

To request that Cardiac be added to the villain roster for Spider-Man on Playstation 2 contact the developers at Treyarch's official message board: Treyarch MB

Beta Blast has been updated (Oct. 23)!

Quote of the moment:
"I took a sacred vow to preserve ALL life...but as Cardiac I violate that oath every time I don my mask!" -- Dr. Wirtham struggles with the inner conflict between his two sides in Spider-Man Unlimited #7

If you've got a favorite quote(Spider-Man or Cardiac related please) e-mail me and it could be the next qotm.
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Got awesome Cardiac pics and no where to show them?
E-mail them in and I'll be sure to post an acknowledgement along with your images in the galleries. These "Campaign Contributions" will help further promote the character and allow more people to enjoy awesome pics.

Campaign Contributors (Special Thanks):
This Campaign got off the ground with the help of King Ruckus from the Neversoft Spider-Man Message Board (see Links to check it out!) and I'd also like to thank Eric from The Amazing Spider-Man Gallery and Peter from the SMB for their generous image contributions.

Disclaimer: Spider-Man and Cardiac are owned by Marvel and are used here without permission. They are being blatantly plugged though, so enjoy the free promotion!